What is Ozone Therapy?

Ozone, three atoms of oxygen (O3), is a highly reactive form of oxygen that readily donates the third atom for oxidative reactions. This highly reactive state is what makes it so valuable for a plethora of applications, such as Air Purification, Water Purification, and Medical Ozone Therapy Applications.

Some of the medical applications of ozone therapy include, injecting it into joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and scars to generate healing of those tissues. This is called Prolozone. Please see the separate section on Prolozone for more information. Ozone is also applied by insufflation (inflation) method to the rectum, vagina, ears, bladder, or sinuses to treat inflammation or infections in those areas. Lastly, ozone therapy is utilized as Major AutoHemotherapy which involves drawing blood, ozonating it outside the body, and then delivering that back to the body as an IV.

For more information on how ozone therapy works and research articles, please refer to the American Academy of Ozone Therapy website. If you'd like to get started with treatment, book a naturopathic appointment  for an initial consultation to determine the most effective remedies for you and to discuss the course of therapy.