What is Low Does Immunotherapy (LDI)?

Dr. Ty Vincent started to create homeopathic dilutions of microbial antigens such as the tick-borne infectious organisms, strep, yeasts, proteus, klebsiella, H. Pylori, Influenza, and many others. He also did this with a few vaccines as well as samples taken directly from the patient (urine, stool, nasal secretions, saliva, etc.). 

He was pleased to find that when the right potency of the right remedy was given, patients got dramatic results! Many symptoms disappeared overnight. People got well without anti-microbial therapy. It was miraculous for many who had autoimmune conditions, lyme disease, PANDAS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis, and other conditions.

Fast forward to today, Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI) has become one of the best tools we know of for helping those with Lyme Disease and other chronic infections, and is being popularized by some of the best Lyme specialists in the country, and it's picking up steam in the medical community.

How Does LDI Work?

LDI works to restore your natural active immune tolerance to specific antigens, whether they be microbes or a component of the human body (such as collagen in osteoarthritis), which has become deregulated in allergy, autoimmune disease, and chronic infection. LDI remedies are extremely low doses of antigens. Following the administration of the LDI, there is an increase in T regulator cells (Treg). The Treg cells address inappropriate cellular responses to substances promoted by CD4 (helper), CD8 (killer) and B Cells (the immune cells that have been trying to protect you from things like bacteria, viruses, parasites, yeasts, or even your own tissues). Simply put, this decreases the allergic, autoimmune or inflammatory response.

LDI is administered as a liquid delivered under the tongue. Initially, LDI treatments are as frequent as every 10 days as the appropriate potency & remedy for you is determined. We will start with a potency that is estimated to be weaker than what you need, and gradually work up to that potency. We do this in order to avoid a flare of your symptoms. Once we find that remedy and potency, you will notice results usually immediately, but always within the first week.  Each time the remedy is taken, improvement in symptoms lasts longer and longer. As you progress, and your symptoms improve, the interval between doses is gradually extended. Most patients can either go a long time between doses or stop entirely after about 16 to 18 doses. If no improvement is noted, there may be factors interfering, which we would then evaluate.

Is Testing Necessary?

It is not required to have testing to diagnose any particular infection. The reason being that there is no way of knowing for sure if your symptoms are definitely being caused by that bacteria/virus/fungus etc. even if it is detected in the body.

Research has begun to elucidate the molecular mimicry triggers (microbes) for various autoimmune and immune-mediated conditions, and these are often utilized in addition to those that have proven successful with the thousands of patients who have gone through LDI therapy for that condition.

Sometimes it is even the case that an infection triggers an inflammatory or autoimmune reaction, but then is eliminated from the body by the immune system or antimicrobial treatment, but the inflammatory reaction does not go away.  In these cases, testing would be misleading, because it would indicate that the patient does not have said infection, but the inflammatory response can still be treated by that microbial antigen.

What Conditions can be Treated?

LDI is a safe and effective procedure for relief of immune reactions including:

  • IBS, inflammatory bowel (Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis)

  • Autism spectrum

  • ADHD spectrum

  • Chronic ear infections

  • Chronic Tonsillitis

  • Skin conditions: acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea

  • Auto-immune conditions, including: inflammatory bowel, inflammatory arthritis, reactive arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, ITP, interstitial cystitis, auto-immune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s), SLE

  • Endometriosis

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Lyme disease

  • Chronic joint and muscle pain

  • Recurrent strep, or never well since strep pharyngitis

  • Recurrent Epstein Barr virus


  • Chronic vaginitis

  • Osteoarthritis


what results should i expect?

Often times, the effect of LDI can be felt immediately once the correct remedy and dosage is determined.  The overall response rate for all conditions treated with LDA & LDI is approximately 65% to 95%, depending on the condition being treated.

To see if LDI is right for you or for more information on LDI therapy, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Cureton.  Dr. Cureton has trained with both the American Academy of Environmental Medicine to learn LDA therapy and Dr. Ty Vincent, to learn LDI therapy. To learn more about LDI, please see Dr. Vincent’s informational video series.

If you'd like to get started with treatment, book a naturopathic appointment  for an initial consultation to determine the most effective remedies for you and to discuss the course of therapy.