What is Energetic Bodywork?

The fundamental basis for this work is the idea that unprocessed emotions, traumas, and memories are stored in our bodies until they can be processed and released. In the Energetic Body, these unprocessed memories create blockages to the flow of energy through various meridians.  These blockages then manifest physically or in one’s mental or emotional state.  In the physical body, blockages may manifest as tension, pain or dysfunction.  For instance, blockages in the abdomen may create digestive problems or menstrual issues.  Blockages in the spine may lead to poor posture, chronic back pain or recurrent headaches.  These energetic blockages can also manifest on the emotional level as depression, anxiety, dissociation, rage, and other imbalances.  Mentally, these blockages are connected to unhealthy and limiting thought patterns such as self-abusive, judgemental, or pessimistic thoughts for example.  Blockages often leave people feeling deeply disconnected from their own spirit and the spirit in everything around them.  This disconnectedness is at the root of deep unhappiness for many people and is so very common in our modern way of life.

How does it work?

The style of energetic bodywork that I utilize is one I learned from years of study and self-work with my mentor, Justin Levy.  It combines sacred rhythm and sound, pressure and massage at areas of blockage, stimulation of major energy centers such as the abdomen and spine, and working with the breath.  Over time, movement and use of the bhandas (otherwise known as energy locks in the yogic tradition) may be incorporated.  Each of these tools works synergistically to bring aspects of the “shadow” to the surface so that they may be healed, transformed, and released.  This process is sometimes a challenging one, but limitlessly rewarding, and something that has transformed my life in profoundly beautiful ways.  This is why I feel passionate about sharing it with others.  

What are the benefits?

The goal of the energetic bodywork that I practice is to help people remove the energetic blockages that leave them feeling unbalanced, sick, limited, and disconnected.  Beyond that, I aim to teach my patients how to do this work on themselves, so that they can sustain balance and flow without my help.  The integration of this work into a person’s everyday life is important because we are all continually facing emotionally challenging circumstances in life.  It’s much better to process these experiences on an ongoing basis than to allow them to build up and create imbalance.