Health Tips for Smoke Exposure

You're probably well aware just from walking outside that the air quality is terrible right now in Portland from the nearby raging Gorge fire. For safeguarding your health, reducing exposure is far more effective than addressing subsequent lung irritation. So here are some precautionary steps to take:

1. Remain indoors if possible. Especially avoid outdoor exercise.

2. If you have access, use a HEPA air filter to keep some of the particulates out of your indoor air.

3. If you must spend time outdoors, considering wearing a mask, rated N100 or N95, which will filter out small particulate.

4. Use the recirculating feature of your car with A/C if you have need to be cooler rather than driving with the windows down.

5. Drink lots of water

6. Consider using a sauna to flush some toxins out

7. Consider using liposomal glutathione, NAC, and vitamin C to support detox pathways

8. If you’re having an exacerbation of asthma or other lung issue from from smoke exposure, please get in touch for more tailored natural lung support options! 

Here’s to hoping this fire is contained soon, and firefighters and people living in the Gorge remain safe.

Health TipsDr. Karen Cureton