Moving To Alder Family Medicine

AlderFamily Card.jpg

Dear Patients,

Thank you for checking in on my latest updates!

I have some exciting news for you and important details about my practice to share!

As some of you may know, my most recent practice, Portland Natural Medicine had to close unexpectedly. Around the time I found out about this, Alder Family Medicine let me know that they had room in their clinic, and would be delighted to have me joint them. Alder Family Medicine is a truly amazing clinic, setup to help complex chronically ill patients in the most tranquil and supportive environment you could imagine. They check all the boxes for what I want for myself and my patients, and I have been hoping to join them for years. So it is truly a blessing that it is finally manifesting!

At Alder Family Medicine, I will be able to continue offering all of the services and treatments that I have offered in the past. In fact, I have devoted Monday appointments to only acupuncture and energy work sessions, so that those wanting these treatments will be able to get in regularly for them! As I have delved deeper into treating complex chronic illness, I have come to realize how important energy medicine and spiritual/emotional work are in the healing process, so I have decided to prioritize them in my practice.

In other housekeeping news, I will be maintaining all of my insurance contracts except for OHP and United Healthcare. I sincerely apologize to those who have either of these two insurers, but they were both becoming too impossible to work with, and so Alder Family Medicine will no longer be billing them. In addition, I will no longer be able to bill insurance companies for Telemedicine/Video calls.

My start date at Alder Family Medicine is August 5th. If you would like to see me there, please call the clinic to setup your first appointment, even if you have seen me at another clinic previously. Their phone number if (503)-282-1070. I look forward to seeing you there, and I know you will feel very welcome in the new space!

Karen Cureton